Vehicle Protection

VEHICLE PROTECTION Exterior and interior safeguards from Penticton Toyota can help protect your vehicle against harsh conditions. Strong UV rays, extreme heat or cold, snow and ice, rain or humidity, road salt and pollutants can harm your vehicle and its functions.



Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection

Keep your vehicle looking and feeling like new. Once Ceramic Pro cures, it boasts a hardness exceeding 9H, far surpassing the typical 2H to 4H hardness of standard clear coats. This substantial increase in surface hardness positions it as the most resilient paint coating available today. Acting as a robust glass shield, Ceramic Pro wards off minor scratches on your clear coat, effectively serving as a sacrificial layer that safeguards the original factory paint.

Should any surface scratches occur within the coating, they can be effortlessly eliminated through light polishing without compromising the integrity of the underlying clear coat. Moreover, Ceramic Pro provides UV protection, ensuring your paint retains its vibrancy and resists aging over time. Conceptualize Ceramic Pro as an added layer of clear coat, but notably tougher. This comprehensive protection instills greater peace of mind and enhances the enjoyment of your vehicle, even amid challenging conditions.

The advanced nanotechnology of Ceramic Pro enables its ceramic nanoparticles to infiltrate the tiniest pores in the paint, rendering the resulting glass shield glossy, smooth, and exceptionally hydrophobic or slick. By significantly reducing surface tension, Ceramic Pro prevents environmental contaminants like bird droppings, bugs, dirt, tar, and graffiti paint from adhering to the surface. Water effectively rinses away dirt by encapsulating it, facilitating effortless cleaning—a phenomenon known as the self-cleaning effect.


Interior Protection

Block unwanted spills from soaking into your seats. Platinum Shield Fabric Protection is an invisible barrier that ensures easy clean-up of spills to avoid permanent staining

Stop your seats from cracking, fading, and withering away. Platinum Shield's Leather and Vinyl Protection conditions the interior leather/vinyl, creating a barrier that lock in the essential oils and pigments.


Paint Protection

The sun's powerful UV rays will cause your vehicle's paint to fade and the clear-coat finish on your vehicle painted surface is uneven, allowing dirt, salt, pollutants, and moisture to get trapped.

Rust Protection

Rust Inhibitor Spray Protection. This synthetic, waterproof product seals the vehicle's inner body metal surfaces, stopping rust from the inside out. It's sprayed into the inner cavities and crevices, bonding to the metal.


Undercoat Protection

Undercoating is formulated for exposed high impact areas on your vehicle's underbody. It seals out moisture and protects undercarriage components from debris on the road, while providing insulation or all of Canada's four seasons of weather. With undercoating, drivers can enjoy a quieter ride as the undercoating also reduces road noise.


Paint Protection Film

Our paint protection film is a clear polyurethane film designed to help protect your vehicle from scratches, chips, weathering, bug and tar stains.


Road Hazard Protection

Road Hazard Warranty will cover your vehicle for unexpected damage from road hazards like potholes and debris causing door dings and windshield chips. Rim curb damage, interior cosmetics like upholstery tears and lost key fobs are covered.


Extended Warranty

Penticton Toyota offers extended protection warranties for both new and pre-owned vehicles. Extended warranties can provide peace of mind for your vehicle purchase.

An extended warranty can be tailored to match your ownership length, and your own annual mileage habits. These plans can also be included within your finance or lease plan. O.A.C.

Your Toyota is built to last and covered by an extensive warranty. But the unexpected can still happen. That's why Toyota offers Toyota Extra Care Protection (ECP) Service Agreements.