Toyota bZ4X 

Toyota’s First EV: bZ4X 

The bZ4X delivers a thrilling driving experience, powered by the 150-kW synchronous motor that provides instant torque from the electric motors. The acceleration is smooth and the cabin is quiet, making every ride enjoyable and comfortable. Outfitted with some of the latest lithium-ion battery technology the bZ4X can get you up to 406 km on a single charge

All-electric vehicles can be conveniently charged at home, overnight and on-demand, as well as at public charging stations when out and about. No more trips to the gas station needed!

The bZ4X can be charged at home with the provided Level 1 charging cord or available Level 2 charging solutions, or at public charging stations with Level 2 Chargers and Level 3 DC Fast Chargers4. Note that DC Fast Charging is limited to two cycles of charging (Low → 80%) per day throughout the year.

Drivers won’t just save money by avoiding the gas pump, either—they may also be able to enjoy federal and provincial incentives. Residents of BC can save up to $9,000 in government rebates!

And as icing on the cake, driving an all-electric vehicle can also help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

2024 Toyota bZ4X

MSRP from $50,050


$371/bi-weekly 60 Month Term 8.19% Interest Rate


$365/bi-weekly 84 Month Term 8.19% Interest Rate

Power Up for Peak Performance

Charging a BEV is simple. Just plug it in. At home, at work, or at any public charging station. Battery Electric Vehicles charging times will vary depending on whether you are using Level 1, 2 or 3 charging.

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Level 1 Charging: Standard

Charge your BEV using a standard 120-volt AC wall socket. The slowest way to charge, it can also be the most convenient and requires no special equipment.

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Level 2 Charging: Faster

A 240-volt AC outlet can cut BEV charging times in half. Install one at home, or charge up at any Level 2 public station.

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Level 3 Charging: Fastest

Direct Current (DC) Chargers (480V+) are currently the fastest method of charging your electric vehicle. Canada has more than 5,000 public EV charging stations – 500 of which are Level 3 fast chargers.

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