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Toyota Safety Sense

When it comes to safety, Toyota is committed to the ultimate goal of a world without accidents. That’s why all of our new vehicles come equipped with Toyota Safety Sense to offer an advanced suite of safety features standard on virtually all models. TSS is available in two packages--TSS-C for the subcompact and hatchback models, and TSS-P on all other models--to keep you safe and secure in every situation. TSS keeps you safe while helping you with parking and backing up with technology like Rear Cross Traffic Alert to warn you of approaching vehicles when backing up as well as Intelligent Parking Assist to park your vehicle virtually unassisted--no more fear when squeezing into a tight space!



Active safeties lend a hand when the unexpected happens. Blind Spot Monitor and Lane Keep Assist warn you of hidden danger while Traction Control helps you navigate wet, icy, loose, or uneven surfaces. Vehicle Stability Control will help prevent wheel slip by reducing engine power and automatically applying necessary brake force. Other safety technologies include Anti-lock Brakes to prevent wheel lock, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution to enhance stability when braking, and Brake Assist to detect sudden braking and add full pressure to prevent a collision. For even more advanced technology there’s Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management to anticipate your intentions and automatically activate a variety of safety systems to provide you with the highest possible level of vehicle control and stability.

Pre-Crash Safety

Passive Safety

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, which is why Toyota has developed technologies like the Pre-Collision system to predict the likelihood of a collision, take steps to reduce damage and injury, and even help avoid the accident. This system will warn you when an obstacle is detected by radar then automatically apply the brakes to reduce the severity of impact and tighten your seatbelts to keep you secure and protected. Passive safety features will also be there to protect you in the event of an accident with basics like airbags, seatbelts, and impact-absorbing body structures to channel impact energy away from the cabin. There’s even specially designed headrests in the driver and front passenger seats to help reduce impact effects such as whiplash.

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