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Quick Toyota Service in Penticton, BC

Once you have your brand new pride and joy under your feet, it’s time to take care of it. There is nothing better for your vehicle than extending its longevity on the road ahead with regular appointments at a certified Toyota Service Centre like the one you’ll find at Penticton Toyota! Our team are on top of all the latest technologies and practices and we are constantly getting faster and more effective, so you can count on us to bring the best to bear against your automotive woes. We are the area’s experts and enthusiasts on everything Toyota and beyond, so if it has four wheels and an engine, we are the ones who know how to keep it looking and feeling its best.

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Our speciality is preventative maintenance. With over 40 years of experience fixing Toyotas just like yours, we are ready to have your vehicle feel like new again. From oil changes to tire rotations and everything in between, we have the expertise you can count on to get you back out on the road again sooner and for less. You can trust the expert Toyota service here at Penticton Toyota because we might just be the only ones out there who know your car almost as well as you do. So when something goes wrong or clunks when it should be klinking, you know you can count on us. Also, scheduling an appointment has never been easier thanks to our new online form, so if you don’t have the time to come in or make a phone call you can book your next oil change on the go. No matter what your automotive needs are, we have the team, the technology, and the reputation for excellence to meet and exceed them right here at Penticton Toyota. Come and see us today to get rolling!