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Car shopping has changed dramatically over the past few months due to shortage of new inventory across all makes and models. This in turn has impacted the availability of different vehicle options – one that you wanted perhaps isn’t available right now for purchase! Penticton Toyota has taken the opportunity to help improve your purchase experience. If you have your mind set on a particular option in Toyota, pre-ordering it now could help make this worth the wait. Pre-order your next Toyota, built to your preferences, you can order your new car or truck exactly how you want it.

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Finding the right vehicle that meets your requirements is sometimes hard. Let Penticton Toyota guide you through every step of the process. Our expert team can work with you on not only finding the vehicle you need and desire but also walk you through any available finance and lease options. By placing an order in advance can help avoid uncertainty and allows you the opportunity to own a Toyota that you always wanted. Reach out to us to know more about preordering your new Toyota.

Need a vehicle while you wait for your new Toyota?

Penticton Toyota offers a bridge program to get you a vehicle in the interim while you wait for your Toyota to arrive. Fill the form below or call us to talk to our Product Advisor for more info.

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