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Toyota Auto Parts & Accessories in Penticton

Here at Penticton Toyota, we understand that there is nothing quite like getting under the hood of your new vehicle and really making it your own. Feeling the grease on your hands and the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing your own repair, replacement, or customization cannot be replicated and it is undoubtedly why most of us work here at the dealership today! However, if we could make one suggestion to you before you launch into your next project it would be this: Be sure to come and see us here at the Penticton Toyota Parts Department to get the authentic Toyota parts you need to get the job done right. There are lots of places to get parts but when it comes to quality Toyota parts, you need to go with the team that knows them best. If we are talking about auto parts in Penticton, nobody has the selection, the price, and the reputation of Penticton Toyota, so come and see us today!

Of course, even the most skilled mechanic in the world has found themselves in a situation where they bit off more than they could chew. If this happens to you - not to worry. Just bring your part in and let our incredible service team quickly and professionally install it. Beyond offering world-class auto parts at highly competitive prices and skilled installation if you need it, we also offer 40 years of experience in the automotive field, right here in Penticton. From advice and suggestions about whatever project you’re jumping into next to just having someone to bounce ideas off of- we have a team who are ready to help you make this one a rousing success. Our goal here is to get the chance to help you again one day, and that means offering you more than just quality OEM parts - it’s about bringing quality customer service to our community and we like to think that’s our best feature.

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