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Toyota Genuine Parts: The Perfect Fit

OEM parts are built by your vehicle's manufacturer and fit the exact dimensions of your make and model. This means that when you choose Toyota Genuine Parts, you're guaranteeing the continued performance of your vehicle and you'll be protected with a manufacturer warranty. If your parts are purchased from and installed by Toyota, your warranty covers both parts and labour.

Toyota Premium Batteries

Toyota Premium Batteries are selected to ensure optimal performance, providing the right specifications, such as cold cranking amps and reserve capacity for reliable performance — specific to your Toyota model.

Toyota Replacement Batteries (installed in Toyota dealership) come with manufacturer’s 24-month free replacement warranty including installation.

Toyota Brake Pads

Toyota Genuine Brake Pads have been custom designed and engineered for a perfect fit in your Toyota. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the caliper clamps the brake pads against each side of the brake rotor, creating friction and slowing your vehicle down.

It is important to check the brake pads & the braking fluid periodically according to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to avoid premature wearing off and use only Toyota OEM brake pads & braking fluid for optimum brake performance.

Toyota Air Filters

Toyota Genuine engine air filter features premium fibres and is designed to keep dust, dirt, sand, pollen and other contaminants out of the air feeding your engine. Servicing your vehicle regularly and using genuine engine air filters can avoid misfires, low compression and expensive repairs.




Genuine Toyota Parts at Penticton Toyota

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