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We have an in-house leasing company that offers us the ability to custom tailor leasing solutions for your personal or company vehicles and we can lease ALL makes and models! , we also offer pre-owned leasing as well. There are many benefits to leasing but here are some of our favourites:

Don’t pay for the entire vehicle, only pay for the portion you plan on using.

Don’t pay all the taxes up front, only your down payment and monthly payment are subject to tax, where when you purchase all the sales tax is due up front, this can be thousands more then leasing.

Drive more vehicle for a lower payment than financing. Because a percentage of the vehicle cost is deferred to the residual, you can enjoy lower payments then on a comparable term finance.

You can get into a new or newer vehicle sooner, because the lease terms are shorter, you can get into a new vehicle and stay under warranty and trade more frequently then if you choose a long-term loan option such as 84 or 96 months.

You have choices! At the end of your term you have three choices, return the vehicle and walk away*, buy the vehicle out at the pre-set residual value, or last, turn the old one in and get a new vehicle.

Better flexibility for your business, talk to you accountant about your tax benefits when leasing versus purchasing.

Leasing may not be for you, but it can be the best way to get into a new vehicle. Ask your product advisor about leasing.