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Want lower monthly payments

Like driving a newer car more often

Like driving a newer car more often

Would like a short term commitment

Would like a short term commitment

Why Choose Toyota's Lease Program?

The Toyota Lease Advantage offers flexibility and affordability to people who want the benefits of owning a car but still like to upgrade to the latest models whenever they want.

Leasing your next vehicle offers numerous advantages, such as lower monthly payments, increased flexibility in car ownership, and potential tax deductions for business expenses.

Kilometre Allowance 

Choose from 16,000, 20,000 and 24,000km allowances. With the standard 24,000km plan, you have the option of purchasing extra kilometres at a reduced rate up front. If you are not sure, you can buy extra kilometres at lease end at our standard rate.

Benefits for Small Business Owners 

Leasing may offer significant tax advantages in Canada to business owners. Check with your tax advisor to see if leasing benefits you. After all, you owe it to yourself to arrive at every meeting in style.

Flexible Options

With flexible lease terms ranging from 24 to 60 months, you can better plan for life's changing needs. Upgrade to a new vehicle for a new job or an expanding family while enjoying the latest in safety, fuel efficiency, and convenient technology.

Peace of Mind

Toyota safeguards you against the unexpected with the Wear Pass Plan, an optional add-on for every lease that covers unforeseen excess wear and tear.

Residual Value

The Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) has recognized four Toyota vehicles for their exceptional residual value. At the end of your lease term, the residual value represents the car's worth at that point. A higher residual value translates to lower monthly payments, as you only pay for the duration you use the car.


For example, if you lease a $30,000 vehicle for three years with a residual value of $14,000, you will pay $16,000 over those three years. However, if the residual value is $20,000, you will only pay $10,000 over the same period, resulting in lower monthly payments. Strong residuals mean competitive payments.

One of our Product Advisors would be happy to chat about your lease options! We can assist you in learning more about leasing a new Toyota vehicle. With the large selection of Toyota models available at Penticton Toyota, you can find the right Toyota for your first lease.

If you are ready to lease or discuss leasing your next vehicle, stop by your local Okanagan Toyota Dealer - Penticton Toyota.

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What Happens at the End of My Lease?

Your primary responsibility in a lease program is to properly care for and maintain your vehicle. While you will have an annual mileage limit, Toyota provides flexibility to suit your needs. This includes ensuring the vehicle's mechanical integrity and preserving its physical appearance.

Toyota's leases are closed-end, meaning you know the payoff amount in advance if you choose to purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease term. If the vehicle's market value is higher, you don't pay extra; if it's lower, you can return the vehicle without any additional cost.

There are three simple options when your lease term has ended:

  1. You may lease or finance another Toyota vehicle.
  2. You may purchase the vehicle at the Lease End Residual Value indicated on your contract.
  3. You may return the vehicle as provided in your lease.

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