Break Your Lease

Considering Breaking Or Updating Your Lease Early?

Penticton Toyota will buy back your vehicle at a great market competitive price! Our goal is to help you avoid early lease termination fees and assess potential equity in your lease today. With a spot inspection, we make this process quick and easy!

Reasons To Consider Ending Your Lease Early

The most common reasons customers work with Penticton Toyota to terminate their lease occur when they are moving away, or they want to switch to a vehicle that better suits their lifestyle. We understand that over the period of a lease, life events can significantly impact your vehicle needs and financial situation – we’re here to make these changes easy.

How to Avoid Termination Fees

Returning your vehicle before the lease period is over usually results in fees that range in price depending on a variety of factors. Penticton Toyota may be able to buy out your lease contract and cover those fees for you! Come in and talk to a specialist today.

Ready for a New Toyota? Upgrade Your Lease Early!

Purchasing a vehicle has changed dramatically! Inventory shortages have significantly affected vehicle availability and going forward most new vehicle purchases will be orders. Due to limited supplies, many leases have equity and allow customers to upgrade to new vehicles ahead of schedule. Come in for an appraisal on your leased vehicle today!

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