5 Reasons Why Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Cars Are a Wise Investment!

5 Reasons Why Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Cars Are a Wise Investment

Buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle is a great choice. It's cheaper and can provide great service for many years when purchased from a reliable source. However, there are many more advantages when you start looking at the Toyota CPO program. These vehicles offer additional protection and reliability. We'll discuss these in the following seven points.

1: Best of the Used Car Market

Best of the Used Car Market

Certified pre-owned cars are some of the best-used vehicles available on the secondary market. This aspect is thanks to the many Toyota-certified pre-owned car benefits available. Vehicles that are certified are put through a rigorous series of checks, with only the best options being chosen for certification.

2: Warranty Protection and Free Maintenance

Warranty Protection and Free Maintenance

The warranty on a pre-owned vehicle is usually questionable. However, one of the many Toyota CPO vehicle advantages are that they receive an extended warranty. The warranty includes the powertrain, which is often a concern for pre-owned cars. Having the extended warranty ensures your piece of mind should any part of the car break within the first few months of purchase.

Additionally, the CPO program offers a free maintenance plan. This plan allows for oil changes and tire rotations on a schedule, ensuring you have the procedures done on time. Intervals for this schedule are based either on the vehicle's mileage or a set period of time.

3: Multi-Point Inspection

Before certification, a Toyota car must undergo a rigorous multi-point inspection. The process requires checking over a hundred individual items, ensuring each one is in satisfactory and working order.

4: Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Aside from an extended warranty, roadside assistance is another excellent benefit of these vehicles from Toyota. The access is for 24-hour assistance from one of Toyota's approved roadside service providers, available in Canada and the USA.

5: Optional Extra Care Protection

Optional Extra Care Protection

Optional extra care protection is available for all certified pre-owned vehicles from Toyota. The package lets you benefit from inflation-free coverage for road emergencies, mechanical failures, and many other unexpected issues.

Great Retained Value

Buying a vehicle is an investment. Whether it's new or pre-owned doesn't change this fact. As a brand, Toyota has won several Canadian Black Book "Best Retained Value" awards, totalling more than any other brand. The reputation allows you to buy confidently, knowing that the car you're about to purchase can withstand the test of time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Unique to the Toyota-certified pre-owned car programs is the satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with your bought car, you can bring it back to the dealership for a one-time swap. While the idea may seem small, it's a great aid to help you get your ideal car.

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