2024 Corolla Sedan and Hatchback


A Corolla for Everyone

Is there such a thing as the perfect car for everyone? If there is, it could very well be the 2024 Toyota Corolla. Boasting an exquisite blend of performance and captivating design, it stands as a pinnacle in the realm of compact sedans. Whether you opt for the cozy and dependable Corolla LE, the sleek and dynamic Corolla XSE, or the Corolla Hybrid equipped with eAWD for exceptional fuel efficiency and performance, there's a Corolla tailored precisely to your preferences. Whichever model you select, you'll enjoy advanced amenities like Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 and an intuitive Toyota Multimedia system, ensuring that comfort and safety remain at the forefront of every journey.

Beneath the hood, Toyota's engineers have crafted two impressive powertrains to extract optimal performance and efficiency from the Corolla.

  • Six variants of the Corolla are equipped with a gasoline powertrain featuring a robust 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine, coupled with a Direct Shift CVT and front-wheel drive. This combination yields an impressive 169 peak horsepower and up to 151 lb-ft of torque.
  • Four editions of the Corolla Hybrid showcase Toyota's renowned hybrid technology, centered around a 1.8L Atkinson Cycle inline four-cylinder engine. Paired with an electronically-controlled continuously variable transmission (CVT), a high-torque electric motor-generator system, and a Lithium-Ion battery, this powertrain delivers 138 system horsepower while achieving remarkable fuel efficiency. With ratings as low as 4.4L/100km city/highway combined, the Corolla Hybrid sets a high standard for eco-friendliness.

The Corolla Hybrid stands out as the sole compact hybrid passenger car offering all-wheel drive. Corolla Hybrid AWD models feature Toyota's innovative electronic on-demand all-wheel-drive system (AWD), employing separate rear-mounted electric motors to power the rear wheels as needed. This feature enhances driving confidence in diverse weather conditions, ensuring a secure grip on the road.

Each Corolla and Corolla Hybrid is equipped with a comprehensive array of safety features, prominently featuring Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 – the latest iteration of Toyota's suite of active safety technologies and capabilities. Designed to enhance driver awareness and aid decision-making, Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents.

In addition to Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, standard safety features include the Toyota Star Safety System, a backup camera, 10 airbags, and an anti-theft alarm system with an engine immobilizer. These features collectively contribute to the Corolla's commitment to prioritizing safety for all occupants, providing peace of mind on every journey.

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